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Full on net

Environmental commitment

In Full On Net we are firmly committed to the environment, and for this reason, we have set a Management system based on the ISO 14001 requirements which establishes an institutional policy regarding the Environment called “Full On Net, a green office”.

All of our steps were in this direction:

1. Recycling

  • Paper recycling, waste paper collection that can be further re-used for different purposes.
  • Printing cartridges and other waste office material such as batteries are collected by an external company and taken to a household waste recycling Centre.
  • Waste materials are separated in organic, plastic and glass bins which are installed in the office for that purpose.

2. Saving

Saving of energy, making teleworking easy as a mean to reduce work traveling, cut down light and heating consume and therefore mitigate the environment impact produced by them. Additionally other measures are taken such as:

  • Daily control of workstations shut down.
  • Office closure for two weeks in August.
  • Temperature control in every Full On Net office, which is set on 24 degrees.
  • Corporative awareness to avoid document printing unless it’s necessary.