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Full on net


We are devoting ourselves to development and innovation for more than 10 years, counting with more than a hundred projects developed for customers of a variety of activity sectors and sizes.

Therefore, we have come to the present with a rich, global background of both the latest technologies and the needs of each unique organization.

Being a company covering consultancy as well as outsourcing and services confers us the capacity of knowing not only the applications and strengths of each of the technologies, but their weaknesses, limitations and operational costs that working with them implies.

Our consultancy area counts on a wide variety of highly specialized and skilled professionals, focused on approaching the knowledge to our customers, in order to help them to study all of the alternatives, and succeed by choosing the most profitable and appropriate ones according to their purposes.

In order to fulfill our objectives, we base on two main principles:

1. Perfect balance between innovation, knowledge and expertise in deployment and setup of solutions, bringing a global view of problems, alternatives and solutions to our customers.
2. Vendor-independence, since Full On-Net has no commercial resale agreement with any manufacturing or integrating company, guaranteeing that we will provide a completely objective and independent approach.

Our Consultancy Services cover the following technological areas:

• Multichannel development architectures (C++, Java, .NET and others)
• Rich Internet Applications (Flex, Flash)
• Business Intelligence (Business Objects, Cognos)
• Mobility (iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry developments for tablets and mobile phones)
• Data Mining and Big Data
• Project Office