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Full on net

Technological specialization

As a result of our activities in R&D, our objective is to find out technological synergies capable of providing differentiating value to our services. Thus, Full On Net is currently a reference in IT Service Execution and Delivery.

Apart of our experience in many other technological field, we describe bellow our core areas of knowledge.

Mobility Software Development

This includes applications for all major mobile operating systems, including Android, Blackberry, iOS, WebOS, JavaME, and .NET / Windows Phone.

Full On Net has participated in the architecture and development of interactive messaging solutions for Symbian, J2ME, Blackberry, Android and iOS.

Full On Net took part in the analysis, design, development, implementation, testing and dissemination of a Grid-based mobile operating system, providing software modules for Maemo, Angstrom, OpenMolo, Ubuntu and Android.

We also performed the integration with social media and telco capacities management, as well as an Android demonstrator for a service provisioning platform.

Next Generation Networks

Our expertise in NGN/IMS environments include:

-    Consultancy, design, implementation and testing, for a telco service provisioning platform
-    Prototyping, design and implementation of a SIP IMS user agent, with a Mobile IPv6 media stack, for the delivery of ubiquitous services, based on the concept of Virtual Identity across all of the network layers.
-    Development of a redundant video service, allowing multi-videoconferencing through SIP, IMS and Mobile IPv6, as well as for Grid-based service delivery.
-    Requirements definition and use cases, architecture workpackages, and integration plan development, for a Cloud Services project for real-time media with dynamic resource reservation
-    Architecture and use cases for user context management, covering integrability on both IMS and non-IMS networks. This is part of the UP-TO-US R&D project. Service consumption, device and network context are also considered for the selection of advertisements or contents made available to the user.
-    Consultancy for the implementation of Presence and XDM Service Enablers for pre-production and production states.

Media Streaming

Audio, video, text and application data streaming for assorted applications. protocols and codecs for audio, video and Instant Messaging.

The work in this topic includes:

-    Encoding and decoding tools based on GStreamer, providing a RTP media stack for an IPv4/IPv6 IMS Client.
-    Video streaming to Android apps
-    SDP signaling for media

Data Mining and non-relational databases

This area includes machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data analysis and visualization.

-    Consultancy on analysis, design and development for treatment of databases of customer-related information for obtaining consumption patterns
-    Migration to non-relational databases
-    Contribution to applications of SVM algorithms for visualization, analysis and prediction of network load and expected behavior.
-    Expertise in XML data configuration, applied to areas such as end-user equipment configuration or the integration of XDM enablers in telco networks, according to the GSMA Rich Communication Suite specification.

RIA and User eXperience

Developing Rich Internet Applications is also one of our strengths, providing interfaces of every kind for a new generation of Web Applications, making them both visual and intuitive, thanks also to our UX process. Technologies such as Silverlight, JQuery and Flex deserve a mention on this field. Among our success stories are:

-    Consultancy, design and development of software evolutions for the migration and integration of a system in charge of monitoring large pools of computers monitoring telco networks, with an interface based on Flex.
-    Consultancy tasks for the conceptualization, prototyping, wireframing, positioning (SEO and SEM), accessibility, usability and makeup. Important Web portals and thematic channels have been developed with state-of-the-art technologies.

Business Intelligence

Customer segmentation, metrics, control panels and report generation, as well as other areas of business management and improvement of the data quality.

-    Analysis, design, development and exploitation of a project consisting of prototypes creation for launching new services to production state, with a new indicators definition, metrics, and service recommenders
-    Consultancy, design, analysis, development launching to production and corrective-evolutionary maintenance of ODS server in environments such as Teleline, Infranet, Siebel, or developments by Arvato or Nielssen).
-    Control panels for Latin America, producing reports for Customer Support or lawful interception.
-    Consultancy, design, analysis, development, quality assurance and corrective-evolutionary maintenance of a control panel including managerial reports, data quality control, ITIL-compliant review and follow-up, and auditing processes.