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Externalization processes, also known as Outsourcing, are part of an organization model which is based on the delegation of fragments of the organization activity to external providers.

These processes encompass intrinsic risks that organizations should face. Among the most representative of them, the following risks should be mentioned::

• Knowledge decapitalization
• Loss of internal competitivity
• Lack of integration of the provider in the processes of the organization
• Unavoidable link with the provider or “lock-in”, due to the high substitution cost

Full On Net’s Outsourcing Model provides solutions to these challenges by means of these measures:

• We manage the processes’ knowledge, thus allowing the customer to remain in control at every moment.
• We establish procedures for the knowledge transfer to the customer, who will be able to transfer the services to another provider with an affordable cost.
• Signing of Service Level Agreements covering objectives and periodic follow-up milestones, allowing a continuous evaluation of the performance and the execution of improvement plans.
• We directly act on the customers’ tools and infrastructures and under their own hierarchy, allowing them to manage and control the execution of the tasks.

In order to achieve these goals, Full On Net bases its services on four main pillars:

• Specialization according to knowledge areas
• Flexibility for adapting to customer needs
• Teamwork, among us, with other providers and with the customer, aligning our work with the project objectives.
• Maximum quality and continuous improvement. We don’t navigate aimlessly, but we define in conjunction with the customer some concrete objectives, design a strategy and perform a follow-up of its evolution

Our Outsourcing services extend to the areas we are specialized in:

• Development: architectures, RiA, Content Management, Business Ingellicence, native BBDD design and development.
• Mobility: Mobile Software Architectures, iOS, Android, Symbian and others
• User Experience: Positioning, usability and accessibility
• Expert services of incidence management, levels 2 and 3, and systems maintenance operations.
• Quality Assurance Services, including testing, test plan elaboration, system certification
• Systems Integration, covering Telco Systems, OSS, BSS, and migration and coexistencing environments.
• Research, Development and Innovation, and Technological Expertise services.