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Full on net

Turnkey projects

Full On Net is a company focusing completely on Service-based Management.

During the company’s lifetime, we have managed different services for a variety of customers of different nature. As a result, we have successfully defined an standardized model forIIT Services Management.

Our commitment with quality and management methodology drove us to undertake an ambitious strategic plan, consisting of the implementation of the ITIL best practices in our company, allowing us to become the first SME in obtaining the ISO 20.000 certification in IT Services Management.

Throughout this process, we adapted an organization like Full On Net, devoted to IT consultancy and services, to evolve its management model towards an unified service-oriented model.

Our Management System consists of 13 processes which are traversal to all of the services we perform, which are encompassed in 5 greater blocks:

And all of these internal processes has been successfully reproduced in all of the services we manage for our customers.

This results on a series of advantages:

• Modeling the services with focus on the adaptation to the business needs
• Comply with a standard of international adoption, ISO 20.000.
• Cost reduction for our customers, through the intelligent management of services.
• Measure customer satisfaction trough metrics and periodical reviews, as part of a service management policy based on continuous improvement cycles.
• Assure rules and procedures aiming at guaranteeing continuity, availability and conformance to previously agreed SLAs.